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Looking for free text jokes? Here is a list of free funny text messages text messaging jokes you can send to make someone laugh. The ability to make someone laugh can make you very attractive for a potential partner. Laughter tends to equal happiness and if you are the one delivering the laughs so much the better! Sending free text jokes is a quick, easy way to remind someone that you have a great sense of humor and that you are thinking about them. If you need money, wait for your salary. A husband coming home from a confession and lifts his wife and carries her on his shoulder. Did the priest tell you to be so romantic like this? No, he told me to carry my cross.


Another priceless design fail posted on the site is an image of a set of double doors that says ‘pull’ but is missing one vital element – the handles. Missing the mark on the fantasy front, is the Disney princess puzzle that shows Cinderella with an enormous nose due to an unfortunately designed puzzle shape. And a kid’s bubble bath in a Minion-shaped bottle, would be more appealing if the red liquid didn’t ooze from the goggles, making it look like cute little character is weeping blood.

Parents might also think twice before sending their children down an elephant slide that protrudes from the great beast’s backside.

Dec 28,  · Top 10 Most Awkward Relationship Text Fails. By jmadison on December 28th Comments.. Share More Tags. When The Cat’s Away Life Of A Gamer “Best of” Lists.

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The autocorrect changes on devices like the iPhone mean that although the mobiles might have all the latest technology, sometimes a good old-fashioned phone call might spare the sender’s blushes. The patent covers all possible ways to draw attention to the word, including, a change in font, font size, colour, italics, bold and highlighting Lost in translation: The patent says the recipient will also be able to see that words had been changed, but won’t be able to see the original words Grrr:

29 Text Messages That Are Funny Every Single Time. Times not to send a text – when you’re drunk, when you’re high, and when you’re a parent.

He is drawn to Mandy Dingle Lisa Riley and they are smitten but their relationship was rocky. Paddy’s mother, Barbara Judi Jones , disapproved of Mandy and offered her money to marry someone else. Needing money to stop her family from being evicted, Mandy took it and married her cousin, Butch Paul Loughran , leaving Paddy depressed. They marry the following year but over the next two years, Mandy is frequently absent as her father, Caleb, is ill.

She misses Paddy but begins an affair with her father’s carer and their marriage breaks down. They begin dating and later get engaged. Their marriage is happy and they become foster parents, looking after several children including Debbie Jones Charley Webb but over time, the marriage loses its spark. Soon after, Emily leaves the village with Debbie’s baby daughter, Sarah. Paddy begins internet dating and goes to Portugal after Jo Stiles Roxanne Pallett , plays a practical joke by pretending to be his Internet lover Fireblade and suggesting they meet.

He goes but realizes he was tricked and returns with Toni Daggert Kerry Stacey. A horrified Jo thinks Toni wants Paddy’s money and is relieved when Paddy and Toni reveal they were paying her back. Paddy later develops feelings for Toni but she didn’t feel the same so he moves on and starts dating Del Dingle Hayley Tamaddon , making Toni realize that she is in love with Paddy. Toni tries to split them up but it fails but Paddy and Del’s relationship ends after Del accidentally burns Toni with hot fat in the Woolpack kitchen.

Paddy admits that he loves Toni but the relationship breaks down when Toni learns Paddy does not want to marry her.


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We’ve all had those really crappy days at work, where all we want to do is violently throw office supplies. Sometimes autocorrect can make a bad day at work even worse.

Even if they are not the most attractive girl in the room, they are still very high status and good at playing the game. These are my favorite girls. The ones that are hardest to get are the ones that are most rewarding when you finally do get them. These are the girls who take forever to respond to your texts, change plans on you several times, stop answering your texts, and even stop talking to you for weeks at a time.

Just know you are not alone. First you must recognize that she may in fact be very busy and have a lot on her plate at the time; i.

10+ Of The Most Savage Comebacks To Terrible Pickup Lines

We are sure you already know about this one. When it comes to dating, It never fails to bag the first place. However, you can use it for pretty much everything and not just relationship, even to get laid.

The 20 funniest drunk text fails ever. #11 had me in stitches! Drinking and texting aren’t two things that get along together, and the 20 following texts sent from .

Epic Dating Fails I was out with a few girls one night and I saw a gorgeous guy playing pool with a bunch of friends. But when he leaned in and introduced himself I almost passed out. He had the funkiest breath I have ever smelled! Then, we went up to the movie ticket booth and his credit card got declined. He had to call his parents to come back so they could give him money. After the date we waited an hour in the freezing cold for them to come get us.

The best and funniest Love Island memes about Dr Alex meeting Alexandra

Biggest Dating Fails – Pyzam Online and mobile dating can be great tools to use in your search for love. It sure was difficult Crazy Dating Fails! Dating sure seems funny-dating-pic Source.

Nine absolutely hilarious iPhone fails that will make you think twice before you send your next text message: And if you liked this post, be sure to check out these popular posts: The 12 Funniest iPhone Auto-Correct Fails Ever How To Make A Gigantic Kit Kat The Best Wendy’s Review Ever.

Apr 8, 1 Advertisement About a month ago, I was visiting my girlfriend very happy long distance relationship. She was picked in her community to be a debutante link for those who are unfamiliar – it’s a rich snobby lame tradition imo , and I was to be her escort. Numerous girls are chosen, and there is this big lame presentation where their fathers present them to the world, and then I escort her from her father and dance with her.

At least it was raising money for something. We had to go to a rehearsal to learn what we had to do in the presentation the night before, so we were there at the hotel ballroom just kind of making small talk amongst each other. Eventually, this dude walks in, and his family is apparently a family friend of my girlfriend’s parents.

10+ Of The Most Savage Comebacks To Terrible Pickup Lines

However, because it is designed to make certain corrections presumptively, the system has proven to be counter productive at times, leading to undesirable changes that go against the typist’s intent. On the web, such flaws of the autocorrection system are often exploited and shared for humorous purposes. Origin Autocorrection was first introduced in as a part of Microsoft Word ’97 [1] and has since become a part of many Microsoft and Apple Inc.

In , stories about autocorrect blunders began hitting the news when the Guardian [4] published an article on the American Family Association’s oversight of running a story in which the last names of people with the surname “Gay” had been changed to “Homosexual.

27 Of The Funniest Texts Ever Sent Between Parents And Their Children. Hilarious! Everyone of us has sent a text or two we didn’t mean. Here’s some hilarious texts. Page 1 of 7.

Share0 We do a lot of useless things on the internet. We waste our time stalking ex boyfriends on facebook, reading about how to lose weight without moving or playing boring RPG games. Another thing that many people like to do is watch funny movies. Today we will be talking about the most hilarious youtube vlogers. It may be easy to crack one or two jokes, but these people actually make videos on a weekly basis and they manage to bring smiles to millions of subscribers.

You can say that they are some sort of mini internet celebrities. Here is our countdown of the 10 funniest Vloggers. Jenna Marbles Jenna Marbles is probably one of the most popular vloggers out there. Not only is she jaw-dropping beautiful, she is also incredibly funny and sweet. Most of her videos are parodies of real life situations or celebrities.

In addition, she films her adorable little dogs, Mr.

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