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Founded by Christopher Columbus’s brother Bartolome Colombus in , it is the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in the Americas and was the first seat of the Spanish colonial empire in the New World. For this reason, the city of Santo Domingo has a really rich historic and cultural heritage that makes any visit extremely worthwhile. Nowadays, it remains one of the most populous cities in the Central America-Caribbean area, and the main economic and commercial center of this region. The city is divided into two parts by the Ozama River. The western side is very developed economically, while the eastern part, known as “Santo Domingo Este,” has historically lagged behind. The most important tourist destination of the city is the Zona Colonial or Colonial Zone, on the western bank of the river and facing the Caribbean Sea. To the west of the Zona Colonial lies Gazcue, one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, filled with old Victorian houses and tree-lined streets. The city’s waterfront George Washington Avenue, knows as “El Malecon,” borders the Caribbean Sea and attracts many tourists because of its hotels, casinos, palm-lined boulevards and monuments.

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Photogallery of Santo Domingo sightseeing Our guide chapters over Santo Domingo Traditions and mentality of Santo Domingo The festival in Santo Domingo attracts carnival troupes from all the regions of the country. The last day of the Carnival features distribution of awards among best troupes. Another much waited event of the last day of the Carnival is choosing of the King of the Carnival who then leads the final carnival procession. According to historical data the first carnivals in Santo Domingo started as far back as in the 16th … Open Travel guide to Santo Domingo There are several nice thematic museums in the city, as well.

The Sugar Cane and Rum Museum is among them. Its opening was held a little while ago, in

When Chant was released by Angel in , it transcended the recording industry’s categories and became a global crossover sensation, making the Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos international stars. Even though Gregorian chant had been a central part of Roman Catholic liturgy for over a millennium, its rediscovery by a laity largely unfamiliar with historical sacred music seemed a part of a growing religious awareness, which appealed to both Christian traditionalists and followers of new age ideas.

The album itself was not necessarily the best recording of Gregorian chants, for the monks’ singing is sometimes ragged on beginnings of phrases, and the articulation of consonants is a bit sloppy, though this matters little in the highly resonant acoustic of the Teatro Real in Madrid, which covers a multitude of vocal errors. Fortunately, the background ambience is relatively noise-free and superior to in situ chant recordings.

However, these were analog recordings dating from , so the reproduction has moments of haziness that digital mastering couldn’t improve.

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French and British ships fighting at the battle of Santo Domingo In , Toussaint Louverture , who at least in theory represented imperial France, marched into Santo Domingo from Saint-Domingue to enforce the terms of the treaty. Toussaint’s army committed numerous atrocities; as a consequence, the Spanish population fled from Santo Domingo in exodus proportions. French control of the former Spanish colony passed from Toussaint Louverture to Gen.

Charles Leclerc when he seized the city of Santo Domingo in early Following the defeat of the French under Gen. He invaded the Spanish side of the island, defeated the French-led Spanish colonials at River Yaque del Sur, and besieged the capital on March 5,

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Outside interests Outside interests The new generation of business leaders in Colombia are concentrating on encouraging international investment, as well as changing perceptions of their country Kathryn Tully guardian. He ought to be. His family-owned business, the Santo Domingo Group, is one of Colombia’s biggest industrial conglomerates and owns more than businesses, including breweries, energy and TV firms and one of the country’s biggest newspapers, El Espectador.

Just 30 years old, the former investment banker and Harvard graduate has now followed his father, Julio Mario Santo Domingo, one of Colombia’s richest men, into the family business.

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However, due to the incredible prominence and success of his progeny, Santo Domingo left behind much more than his companies and his vast fortune; he leaves behind a familial dynasty akin in both grandeur and exploit to the Kennedys or Rockefellers. They tied the knot in the city where they met, but the honeymoon did not last long. Julio Mario Jr, the first born. He was a lover of literature, immersing himself in the works of Proust and Baudelaire, and also a rock and roll enthusiast, amassing an impressive record collection.

At 51, Julio Mario Jr. Vera Rechulski Julio Mario Jr. A lover of Indian culture, she has a boutique in Paris that sells Indian antiques.

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Some of the popular tourist areas Punta Cana – Bavaro This area of the Dominican Republic has become a popular holiday destination for people from all over the world. There are dozens of beautiful large, mostly all-inclusive hotels, spread over more than 30 miles 50 km of beautiful white sand beaches, some of the most beautiful in the world. Palm trees dot the landscape, and it is truly a beautiful area of the Dominican Republic. There are many new resorts here that include spas, casinos, an amazing selection of dining options, on-site weddings, kids’ clubs and large freeform pools.

The North Coast of the Dominican Republic is nicknamed the Amber Coast, because of its rich deposits of semi-precious amber.

It is no other than the Convent of Santo Domingo el Real, located right in the town centre opposite the Romanesque church of the Trinidad. The building belongs to the order founded by Saint Domingo de Guzman. This famous clergyman used to pray, when he was in Segovia, in a cave close to the Eresma River where the Santa Cruz convent would be later built we already wrote about this one.

Concerning the feminine branch of the order it looks like implementation in Segovia was quite early relating to privileges granted to the order by several kings, renewed from one to the next and that would start originally in the 14th century according to Professor Antonio Ruiz Hernando. It looks like this construction was, at the time it was purchased by the Dominican nuns, the property of local authority Juan Arias de la Hoz. From the start the property, basically the Tower of Hercules and the old palace, was too small and so it became necessary to purchase several adjacent buildings.

Entrance to the church is done with limestone block and we can still see half a Romanesque arch later absorbed by a more modern construction. Another unusual construction belonging to the ensemble is the Tower of Hercules, also unusual the statue inside, away from the public eyes. It was described in the 17th century by local writer Diego de Colmenares, probably telling the story from the words of a nun.

The statue shows a man riding a pig or a wild boar. This human figure has always been portrayed as Egyptian Hercules, allegedly the founder of the town and always according to the legend.

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Leave the beach behind and immerse yourself in a day of culture and history Explore the colonial zone’s historical architecture and learn about the city’s past Tailor your own tour to make sure you don’t miss any of Santo Domingo’s impressive sights Full description Spend a cultural day out, exploring the capital of Dominican Republic and the oldest city in the Americas. The tour includes a visit to Three Eyes Caves, a monument comprising 3 lakes where Taino Indians used to live.

Explore the Museum of the Royal Households; in colonial times this was the Governor’s palace and the presidential palace during the dictatorship of Trujillo until See the National Pantheon, built in , This is the final resting place of many Dominican heroes, and in colonial times was a church belonging to Spanish Jesuits. Enjoy a ride on the Chu Chu Colonial, a train-like vehicle that winds through the colonial zone with commentary in the European language of your choice.

Until , the remains of Christopher Columbus lay in state here.

The structure was constructed in the neoclassic-renaissance style. Today the structure stands as a national symbol of the Dominican Republic and serves as the final resting place of the Republic’s most honored citizens. Jesuits held mass here from After it was used as a tobacco warehouse and then as a theater. From its stages, the ideas were set in motion for a free and sovereign republic by national heroes like Juan Pablo Duarte, Ramon Matias Mella, and Francisco del Rosario Sanchez, among others.

In , Spanish architect Javier Borroso renovated the structure to serve its new purpose as a national mausoleum, by order of then dictator Rafael Trujillo. Originally, Trujillo envisioned being interred at the National Pantheon, yet ironically today it is the place were the country’s most famous persons are honored, among others Trujillo’s assassins.

Other notables that are buried at the National Pantheon include: