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Subjective tropes go to the YMMV page. Babylon 5 provides examples of: The human Star Furies have multiple thrusters and rotate across all three axes. Sheridan is subjected to this sort of torture by President Clark’s forces. A rare justified example, since they need him to believe his false confession is true, so it will stand up to telepathic scans. Failed when he used their argument of “truth is fluid” against them by saying his truth is still just as right to him as long as he believes it.

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Cosby, who has said he does not plan to testify, repeatedly lowered and shook his head as she spoke. The dramatic scene was more than a dozen years in the making. Constand initially told police about the incident in , but the then-district attorney declined to press charges against Cosby.

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Whether you’re traveling in Nicaragua or Nevada, here are five rules for keeping your kids happy By Katie Quirk May 28, Katie Quirk I had my doubts when we first stepped off the bus in Granada in January. Judging by their wrinkled foreheads, our kids did too. Had I really booked us seven nights in this city? Eight months into a family gap year in Central America, after painful restaurant waits on evenings when our kids were exhausted, after dragging them from one hostel to the next, and after trying to shame them into expressing interest in what was a pretty dull museum, Tim and I have settled upon a few hard-earned rules for traveling with young children.

These rules work, whether your destination is Nicaragua or Nevada. Invest in a good base Choose lodging carefully, and plan to stay awhile. Katie Quirk and son Liam hurry past one of Granada’s many bright facades in search of shade. Tim Waring Our year abroad has taught us that our kids appreciate routine. Lodging with kitchen access allows for easy meals in, and a living room or common area in which the kids can play has proved critical. A pool, of course, never hurts. Our hotel in Granada fit the bill.

Little finds such as spinning roadside parrots often leave everyone happier than expensive tours.

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There has been a huge increase in electricity prices for consumers. Price increases were previously set by the independent regulator, but deregulation freed power companies with the aim of encouraging them to compete on price, something critics argue has led to price gouging. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. But David Blowers, an energy fellow from the Grattan Institute, said the figures were only an educated estimate because it was impossible to determine which plans consumers were on as energy companies did not open their books.

Dr Boxall said competition had increased under deregulation, with more brands in the market and the number of households shopping for better offers up from less than two-thirds to more than three-quarters.

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At first glance, the scene is reminiscent of John Blutarsky dominating the dance floor in “Animal House”; upon further review, however, this is more like Rod Tidwell preparing to storm off the Waterbed Warehouse set in “Jerry Maguire,” or Rocky Balboa suffering similar indignities while shilling for Beast Aftershave in “Rocky II. Watt is about to bring a little tumult to this toga party: First, Watt must touch up a voice track from the spot he’d filmed earlier while clad in a tuxedo, and it’s not going smoothly.

After slightly botching his line for the second consecutive take, Watt lights up like a fluorescent bulb, screaming “Son of a gun! The set is dead silent for a few uncomfortable seconds. This time, as promised, the NFL’s reigning Defensive Player of the Year is money, flawlessly nailing his trickiest sentence “The most exquisitely scrumptious beef you can buy” to wrap up the first of three second spots — the third of which will require a quick switch to yet another costume, a pair of giant blue overalls.

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The mood swings of bipolar disorder may be mild or extreme. They can come on slowly or quickly within hours to days. Usually diagnosed in the teenage years to mid-twenties, bipolar disorder can happen at any age and is more prevalent in those who have a family history of the condition. There are two common subtypes of bipolar disorder: With bipolar I disorder, people will experience at least one manic episode in their lifetime, and will likely also experience episodes of major depression.

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It rots your brain and grows couch potatoes. But the so-called idiot box also swings elections, rewires brains, snares criminals, and even sways the Supreme Court. The following may not be the best shows of the last 25 years—in fact, some are among the worst—but their impact reaches far beyond the living room. The weather gave him additional reason to panic. With the sun shining and the temperatures pleasant, Yeltsin fretted that his city-dwelling supporters would decamp to their dachas, or country cottages, instead of staying home and voting.

No show was more popular in Russia than the Brazilian morality soap Tropikanka, which regularly drew 25 million viewers to the state-owned network ORT. With the election looming, ORT made a surprise announcement: More amazing was the fact that the scheme actually worked. When the episode ended, it was too late to trek out of town, but voters still had time to get to the polling station. But the show had more depth than anyone realized.

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Emotional Range[ edit ] “Emotional intelligence” isn’t about controlling your emotions. It’s not about substituting positive emotions for negative emotions. It’s about experiencing a full range of emotions.

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Turn on desktop notifications for breaking news? Charles Rocket pitches a home board game for dysfunctional families who can now act out their issues the same way the Ewings do on the prime time soap opera Dallas. Live From New York: As he concludes, and special guest appearances from previous hosts. Poses and preens for the camera — the two were combined to create The Paradox. The Crests and Troughs of Vernon Hawley, its tagline read, starring actor Anthony Perkins reprising his role as Norman Bates promoting a motel management school.

New performances of classic characters from previous cast members, with shows captured and segregated into individual elements to reorganise for future repeats and syndication.

Whether you’re traveling in Nicaragua or Nevada, here are five rules for keeping your kids happy

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A Coventry pensioner has accused an energy company of taking on her gas and energy supply without her consent. Sandra Camwell, of Keresley , got a call from energy company Green Star asking if she wanted to switch suppliers earlier this year – but she declined. But a month later she was asked for a final meter reading from her then suppliers SSE and it was switched to Green Star.

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But the character won over an army of fans after rebuilding her trust as a mum and landing a job as a mechanic at Kevin Webster’s garage. Know for her outspoken nature and lashings of dark eyeliner, which prompted Steve McDonald to compare her to grunge rocker Courtney Love, gobby Abi quickly hit it off with acid-tongued florist Tracy Barlow.

And she sparked jealousy from Beth Tinker for her instant rapport with Tracy. Here’s the lowdown on the character and the actress. Where have you seen Sally before? Sally as Kelly in Shameless Image: Channel Four Sally was previously best known for playing prostitute Kelly Maguire in the gritty Manchester drama Shameless between and In she starred in the first episode of the fourth series of the Jimmy McGovern drama Moving On as one of the main characters, Sarah.

Abi kisses Steve Image: She returned the following as a reformed character, who still loves to party, and bagged herself a job at the garage after showing off her skills as a mechanic. But she rubbed Fiz Brown up the wrong way by appearing to flirt with her man Tyrone Dobbs, and upset Beth Tinker by befriending her best pal Tracy in scenes likened to the hit comedy film Bridesmaids. She also caused shockwaves by kissing Steve.

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