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Posted By admin on Jul 28, 0 comments No matter what type of traffic you are working with, as an Affiliate you are probably using a landing page to get the most out of your campaigns. This is especially important with PPV traffic , since you only have such a short time to capture their interest. What you may not know, however, is just how little of that space is actually devoted to your ad. Here is a screenshot from an actual pop from the Hotbar software, which is where Lead Impact gets their traffic. Notice how much space is taken up by the address bar, navigation buttons, and the Hotbar toolbar itself which they most likely have installed if they have Hotbar on their system: Click for a full scale version I was pretty surprised the first time I saw this. If you want anything to be guaranteed above the fold, at least on Lead Impact, you had better make it above the px line. There are almost no default offer pages that are laid out this way, since they are designed to be viewed on a full browser window.

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Adult Dating PPV Landing Page Template By Chris Allen. Chris Allen Follow Follow Follow for updates on what Chris Allen is creating. This lander is suitable for all desktop & mobile devices. It fits nicely in a x popup so it’s perfect for a PPV campaign. The lander comes as a ZIP archive which contains all the necessary files.

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PPV and Online Marketing Products Store. May Exclusive – Using the Lazy Money Making Method. This is a campaign which uses our Lazy we say lazy method it is not like a normal drop s.

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However, the misconception that traffic is inexpensive is just that: Because of that, it is very important that you have attention-grabbing pages to capture the otherwise throw-away traffic. Using these tips will allow you to build landing pages that spark interest from your viewers and should ultimately make you more money from your campaigns.

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While we continue to make GUI improvements based on our members feedback, we have just added 4 new servers and increased the Spy scraping ability of this massive resource! You will literally have thousands of “REAL” marketing campaigns at your fingertips, not washed up case studies or sample PPV lander that have been copied over and over, these are campaigns being run by other affiliate marketers just like you as their income streams.

This technology has been coded into the PPV Spy Scraper, to scan and identify each landing page’s server, looking for a backdoor. This not only gives you access to a marketers landing page, but their entire file structure, other campaigns, folder, files, images, scripts, etc Using this technology can be seriously dangerous if used improperly. Stealing others hard work is unethical and we do not condone it. That being said if you are looking to stay ahead in this game you have to stay on top, and to stay on top you must closely monitor the competition, the BlackPops PPV spy will allow you to do that.

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My first experience with it was with PPV traffic back in It has evolved quite a bit since then, but it is still a strategy used by many affiliate marketers. A survey landing page is a simple landing page that asks the visitor a few questions and then presents them with the call to action. The most popular use right now for the survey landing page is probably with adult and dating offers.

Direct Link vs Landing Page. The next step was setting up the campaigns on the PPV network. For this case study, I started purchasing traffic from only the offers and targets I selected give me conversions, I’ll expand the campaigns to other traffic sources.

The point is take the general idea and incorporate some of your own ideas with these landing pages for dating or any other campaign. PPV Dating Campaign Overview I ran this campaign for a few weeks and it was profitable after removing non-performing targets. The main reason I decided to move on was because it was not scaling as well as I hoped. TrafficVance and LeadImpact Niche: Dating I was initially direct linking, but quickly tested a few landing pages and started converting better with landing pages.

Landing Page Stats Not tons of data, but it definitely showed promise and profit after some minor tweaks. The only thing that changed between the two landing pages was the headline. If I were to continue running this campaign, I would test other landing page styles as well. The only difference between LP1 and LP2 was the headline.

The state in the headline was geo-targeted and the image was pulled directly from the offer page. Here are a few of the things I learned from this campaign:

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Strong call to action landing page design templates Best converting, effective and appealing landing page design templates with strong call to action buttons Looking for a call to action button converting landing page or a pay per click landing page design? We have some best converting call to action buttons landing page design to promote your product, business and services online and boost your conversion rates and profits. Our easy to customize html landing page designs are best for boosting your conversion, traffic, sales and leads.

Replace the dummy content and product pictures and you are ready to go live online in few hours. You can check out some of our strong and appealing call to action button landing page designs below: Anti snoring product selling strong call to action lead generating landing page design.

The survey landing page has been around a long time. My first experience with it was with PPV traffic back in It has evolved quite a bit since then, but it is still a .

Below are some of the top networks who do not have any apprehensions with PPV traffic? If you wish to know where to pick offers from or what sort of offers do work well on PPV then you can use PPV spy tools as well. I talked about various spying tools in my last post as well so you can check the link below for the same. You can use Boxofads Spy Tool for the same. Please check the link below to know more: So till now you have an idea what it would take to get started with PPV marketing.

Although I covered this in my last however I will re-summarize the same here. Below is the list of PPV traffic sources where you can buy traffic from. TrafficVance now propelmedia — Initial deposit required is USD the quality of the traffic is best. They only have desktop traffic. You cannot run adult or with permission from them. I run e-commerce campaigns on trafficvance with no landing page.

They have traffic almost for every country.

LeadImpact PPV Tutorial Part 3 – Setting Up Landing Pages