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On 17 July , Flinders landed at what is now known as Woody Point , which he named “Red Cliff Point”, after the red-coloured cliffs visible from the bay. Chief Justice Forbes gave the new settlement the name of Edenglassie before it was named Brisbane. Free settlers entered the area over the following five years and by the end of Robert Dixon began work on the first plan of Brisbane Town in anticipation of future development. Over twenty small municipalities and shires were amalgamated in , to form the City of Brisbane which is governed by the Brisbane City Council. MacArthur had previously rejected use of the University of Queensland complex as his headquarters, as the distinctive bends in the river at St Lucia could have aided enemy bombers. This incident became known colloquially as the Battle of Brisbane. The State government under Joh Bjelke-Petersen began a major program of change and urban renewal , beginning with the central business district and inner suburbs. Trams in Brisbane were a popular mode of public transport, until the network was closed in , leaving Melbourne as the last Australian city to operate a tram network. The Brisbane flood was a major disaster which temporarily crippled the city.

Brisbane Arcade

I would like to say that we are biding our time in cabin-style accommodation with our bank account fatter for the sale of our caravan, however the whole business remains sluggish and still not finalised. If we are being scammed, it is a most involved affair. Our buyers are in the midst of family crisis, a more senior member clinging to the edge of his life, and for them, the urgency of the caravan purchase is secondary to all else.

What does it mean when you aren’t officially dating someone yet you get everything from them that dating brings? Things like someone to talk to, to go out with, someone who just checks in on you to see how your day is, someone who makes you laugh, someone who cares and puts in .

The scientist, whose birthday coincidentally was last Saturday, is world-renowned for his theory of evolution. Darwin decided it was not the strongest of a species that survived, but the fittest — those who adapted to ever-changing environments. If there was ever a need to adapt in the business world, it is now — with banks, cautious consumers, tough trading conditions and the internet acting like indiscriminate earthquakes knocking small business owners off their feet over and over again.

The author, speaker and businessman, who used to write an advice column in the Daily, has spent the past year working on a new book called Taking The Bull By The Horns: How To Evolve Your Business. The book, which will be out this year, has sparked a new enthusiasm in the Buddina man who also wrote the best-seller, The Bullseye Principle. His columns are set to start in the Daily again to give voice to a fresh wave of new material designed to help businesses do better.

Evolution is the key Mr Bull has long been fascinated by the concept of evolution and the way it applies to business. People are sick of hearing about change. Humanity does not have an instinctive nature to change, this is about evolving. They need to dig deep into their soul and they are fearful of doing that because those things are out of their control and it makes them uncomfortable. Come up with a plan to equal it, challenge it or study what you need to do to be better than it.

How can you capture customers in a database that you regularly communicate with to keep them in your business? The retail environment of tomorrow will be very different from today.

Queensland Events

Day of Mourning On 26 January , as Australians celebrated the sesquicentenary of European settlement, about Aboriginal men, women and children gathered in a hall at — Elizabeth Street in Sydney, known as the Australian Hall. At the time, Australian Hall was a popular venue for concerts, dances, and other social activities.

They called the event a Day of Mourning and Protest because, in the words of the organisers of this gathering, the 26th of January, is not a day of rejoicing for Australia’s Aborigines; it is a day of mourning.

Events. At NoDa Brewing, we’ve noticed things just seem to happen when there’s beer involved. And we like it that way. Join us for events around town, around the country, or at our taproom.

The application of this feature is exactly how it sounds like: As an online store owner, would you like your customers to be able to save products in a wish list so that they review or buy them later? Would you like your customers to be able to share their wish list with friends and family for gift giving? Offering your customers a feature of wish list as part of shopping cart is a great way to build loyalty to your store site.

Having the feature of wish list on a store site allows online businesses to engage with their customers in a smart way as it allows the shoppers to create a list of what they desire and their preferences for future purchase. Does every e-Commerce store needs a wish list? The answer to this question in most cases is yes, because of the following reasons: But, the wish list is like a wide open door that can give any online business a lot of valuable information about their customer and what they like or desire.

Shoppers like to share their wish list with friends and family – Providing your customers a way to email their wish list to their friends and family is a pleasant way to make online shopping enjoyable for the shoppers. It is always a good idea to make the wish list sharable by a unique link so that it can be easily shared though different channels like email or on social media sites. Wish list can be a great marketing tool — Another way to look at wish list is a great marketing tool because it is extremely targeted and the recipients are always motivated to use it.

What is the first thing you are going to do? You are most likely to visit the e-Commerce store, check out the wish list and end up buying something for your younger brother.


In accountancy, depreciation refers to two aspects of the same concept: Businesses depreciate long-term assets for both tax and accounting purposes. The former affects the balance sheet of a business or entity, and the latter affects the net income that they report.

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Prior to being gazetted as a suburb in , it was known as Bald Hills. Geographically it included the lands to the east of the Bald Hills Creek towards Sandgate. The lands were bought by Scottish settlers and speculators. The first mention of Brackenridge was in , making the area years old. Sunday, April 17, BRS 20 The lands around Bald Hills – Bracken Ridge – Sandgate The lands to the east of the Bald Hills Township became known as Brackenridge in While Brackenridge was not formally named as a suburb until years after it’s inception, it was necessary to research the areas either side to gain a picture of what the area was like.

The Hoop Pines are symbolic with the early settlers of the area. In the trees at the school were Heritage Listed. Which raises the question, why were they not chopped down like all the others? The McConnels were joined by a number of prominent Brisbane businessmen, including John Richardson, Thomas Dowse, Robert Davidson and George Raff, who in called for a port to rival Cleveland, and the development of a resort suburb, at Bramble Bay. The New South Wales government had already set aside a village reserve at the head of Cabbage Tree Creek, and now the Scottish connection was pushing for its survey and the survey of a road from Brisbane.

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Sign up or log in to share What Guys Said 17 koibito My situation is slightly different. I’m initiating the going out and stuff, but the girl doesn’t see herself in a relationship, although she does think I’m special and would make a girl smitten if only she could appreciate it. He enjoys your company. He might see things in a non-gender way; to him you’re a close friend first and girl second.

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Whether knowing, or ignorant, this causal focus is a legacy of Christian Missions. It was once only Christians who wrote up their principles and visions were firmly based on the sense of purpose and cause which is endowed in the Great Commison of Jesus Christ himself. The cause is summarised as the love of God and our neighbour as ourself. The following great crowd of witnesses have seen this love, this God, as a cause in Australia. For all their flaws and weaknesses the people of the soil of Novae Hollandae touched them and they have touched in return.

This touching was a work to a Terra Australis de Espiritu Santu. The Southland of Holy Ghost, the enigma, country of the Ultima Thule, at the very uttermost parts of the earth, at ends of the planet. A land covered by mystery. It exists as a body of spiritual scriptures for its first peoples. It existed as an idea, the idea of balance, a counterweight in the mind of western northern-hemisphere men.

The broken lands of Toowong

In previous seasons, the English cricket administrator and former captain Pelham Warner had organised matches between the RAAF and various English military teams as an expression of defiance against Nazi air raids, and the Victory Tests were a continuation of this, although the matches were only three days long and did not have Test status. The last pre-war series between England and Australia in had been an attritional and hard-nosed contest, but in the afterglow of the war victory, the cricketers played flamboyantly with abandon in front of packed crowds.

That would have been the end of the series, but because of the record attendance of 93, at Lord’s, another match was appended. The Victory Tests were regarded as an outstanding success, with a total attendance of , and bright and attacking play. With the team raising so much money for war charities, the government directed them to travel home via India and Ceylon to play further matches, in order to raise more funds for the Red Cross.

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The broken lands of Toowong Posted on by angusv Note — many of the pictures in this post contain two images, which flip back forth when you hover your mouse over them. On a mobile device these images will switch when you touch them, and then switch back when you scroll away … if you are lucky. For best results, please view this article on a desktop or laptop. A survey plan of the Milton area in about B. Survey plans are valuable historical artifacts because they generally represent the first efforts to capture the landscape on paper.

They reveal natural features that have long since vanished, such as creeks, swamps and even hills. They also provide insights into how the colonists saw the land, indicating its potential uses and specifying how it was to be divided up among its new owners. Since writing that post, I have obtained several more digitised survey plans of the Milton Reach and Western Creek areas, thanks to the assistance of the Museum of Lands, Mapping and Surveying, which is part of the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

I look forward to featuring them all in articles in the future, but today I will explore just one of them. This particular plan carries the catalogue name of M. I have no idea what that means, but then there is a lot about these plans that I am still fuzzy about. Some of the surveying markings may as well be hieroglyphs to me, but thankfully there is much that can be gleaned even without specialist knowledge. Unlike the Milton plan, this one depicts an area inland from the river.

Beneath his signature is the title:

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It was Leanne Creese’s first ever trip overseas. And it came horribly close to being her last. The Mooloolaba mum cheated death on Sunday night, just after Ten or 15 more steps and we would have been in the club,” Ms Creese, 31, said. Still, the damage from a distance was harmful enough. Ms Creese will today undergo x-rays on the Coast for suspected breaks to her feet.

That Awkward Moment (released as Are We Officially Dating? in Australia, Indonesia, and New Zealand) is a American romantic comedy-drama film written and .

February 12, at My family and I wud alternate btwn Oasis and Acacia Gardens wich was directly across the road, both having their good qualities, Acacia used to be a touch cheaper so thats why we went there i think more often. I remmber the Oasis for a few reasons, the Crocodile in the cage as u entered also the Eagles Cage that became a walk in cage becos the Eagle disappeared.

The Oasis brought back memories like almost nothing else in my 50yrs of life. I wan2 break out into a song, “Those were the days my friend” I thort they’d never end,, etc The Oasis was the higher priced but more upper class of the two, but the Acacia Gardens was fantastic too. I can go on telling u that i remmber getting a snake put around my neck at the reptile area and there was a giant Seahorse painted at the bottom of the medium pool and I used to scare myself wen i went for a real kwik siwm across to the other side to get away from the Seahorse, lol.